Download SpinArt Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android


Download SpinArt Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android

L’Amazon App Shop è un portale alternativo dove scaricare ed acquistare giochi ed app per Android senza passare però dal classico Play Store, la via ufficiale di Google per quanto riguarda il suo Android. Ogni giorno Amazon regala agli utenti un gioco o un’app che viene resa gratuita al download per 24 ore.

Per quanto riguarda la giornata di oggi voglio segnalarvi che Amazon ha deciso di offrire gratuitamente SpinArt, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

SpinArt has finally landed on Amazon and Kindle devices! The New York Times said “if you and your child were stuck on a desert island with just one app, you’d want it to be SpinArt!”

SpinArt is based on one of our favorite childhood crafts! It’s fun & creative–you’ll spend longer than you think playing with this App! Whether it’s waiting in line at the bank, at the dentist, or on a really boring date, you can always take a spin. Enjoy!

SpinArt features a large palette of 54 colors, three brush sizes, and six built-in canvas shapes. You can save the image to your device’s photo gallery or share it with the world via email, Facebook, Picasa, and more! SpinArt is fully optimized to take advantage of your tablet’s screen.

  • Six shapes to choose from : Square, Circle, Star, Flower, Swirl, & Sun!
  • Paint with 3 Brush Sizes and 54 Colors!
  • Save your creation to your device or share it through email and your social networks.
  • Optimized for all the latest Kindle tablets, including the new Kindle Fire HDX!


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