Download Toddler Cars 2 Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android


Download Toddler Cars 2 Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android.

Toddler Cars 2

L’Amazon App Shop è un portale alternativo dove scaricare ed acquistare giochi ed app per Android senza passare però dal classico Play Store, la via ufficiale di Google per quanto riguarda il suo Android. Ogni giorno Amazon regala agli utenti un gioco o un’app che viene resa gratuita al download per 24 ore.

Per quanto riguarda la giornata di oggi voglio segnalarvi che Amazon ha deciso di offrire gratuitamente Toddler Cars 2, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

All the original 16 vehicles plus 19 new ones (35 total), AND an all new racing button! Toddlers Cars 2 is a simple toddler/kids game that showcases car animation and music. Tap each vehicle’s picture to help your kids learn the names of different vehicles. There are no ads or in-app purchases in this app, making it super child friendly. Give Toddler Cars 2 a try and enjoy unique animations and sounds. 

Cars include:
• Ambulance
• Bicycle
• Semitruck
• Helicopter
• Firetruck
• Motorcycle
• Police car
• School bus
• Truck
• Airplane
• Cruise ship
• Dump truck
• Cable car
• Pizza delivery car
• Van
• Scooter
• Monster truck
• Tow truck
• Tractor
• Mail truck
• Train
• Hot Air Balloon
• Tug boat
• Taxi
• RV
• Speed boat
• Race car
• Dump truck
• Go-cart
• Limo
• Backhoe
• Sail boat
• And more!

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