Download GPS Widget Pro v1.2.13 APK, un widget con le info sul GPS per Android

Vi segnalo un bel programmino per i vostri smartphone Android.

Con GPS Widget avrete la possibilità di visualizzare, tramite un comodo widget sul display, tutte le informazioni che vi servono sulla vostra posizione GPS.

In particolare, il widget, in modo semplice ed elegante, mostra sul display le informazioni riguardanti latitudine, longitudine e altitudine della posizione in cui vi trovate.

Tutto molto semplice e immediato. 

This widget simply shows your current location in numbers!

GPS Widget Pro

This widget simply shows your current location in numbers. Latitude and Longitude are received from the GPS location provider or from the network location provider if GPS is not available.

The altitude is queried from open MapQuest API which yields in a more accurate result than receiving the altitude by GPS. So this widget is also interesting for hiking (altimeter).


  • Display your current location in numbers
  • Additional information (Street, City, Postal Code, GPS satellite fix)
  • Shows your altitude with high accuracy
  • Share your location with friends via SMS, Email, etc.
  • Different location formats are supported (Decimal Degrees, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), …)


  • To save battery power you should switch off the widget when you do not need it. You can force the widget to switch off automatically after some time in the settings.
  • This is no GPS toggle widget. You can not turn on and off GPS. You simply get clear information about your current location.

To add widget press: Home->Menu->Add->Widgets->GPS Widget Pro

The widget needs the following permissions because:

  • Your location: it’s obvious 😉
  • Network communication: query altitude

What’s in this version : (Updated : Mar 5, 2013)

  • MapQuest API changed: altitude works again
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :


Download : 300Kb APK

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