ROOT, Recovery e sblocco Bootloader con il Nexus Root Toolkit su tutti i Nexus



ROOT, Recovery e sblocco Bootloader con il Nexus Root Toolkit su tutti i Nexus

Main Interface

Nexus Root Toolkit si aggiorna alla versione 2.0.5 con tante novità per i possessori di devices Nexus su tutte il supporto ai proxy HTTP ed HTTPS, il menu opzioni che ora è personalizzabile e sono stati modificati i messaggi mostrati all’utente durante la procedura in modo che siano più comprensibili. La nuova versione 2.0.5 di Nexus Root Toolkit corregge alcuni bug minori e supporta tutte le versioni di Android.

Changelog Nexus Root Toolkit 2.0.5:

  • Rebuilt entire downloading system to utilize wget instead of AutoIT’s inbuilt InetGet functions.
  • New download system now supports HTTP/HTTPS proxy configuration.  Full frontend for managing user configurations in the toolkits options menu.
  • Proxy configurations with username/password can be setup, and there is an option to re-prompt for the proxy password credentials each session.
  • Added better information messages in the flash stock interface to help user chose the best configurations.
  • Change the ‘Support Threads’ link to point the forums on
  • Corrected the ‘Flash Stock + Unroot’ ‘no-force encrypt’ option to grab the no-force encrypt boot.img dependency based on the users selection of what they are about to flash rather than what they are currently running.
  • All backup & restore apps updated to the latest available versions.
  • Busybox free and Quick Reboot updated to the latest available versions.
  • SDK platform-tools (adb/fastboot) updated to the latest available version.
  • To ensure authenticity, all exe’s and installer files are now digital signed with a verified Comodo Code Signing certificate.
  • Other small fixes and general code optimizations.

Potete scaricare Nexus Root Toolkit 2.0.5 cliccando sul link seguente:

Download ultima versione Nexus Root Toolkit


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