RunWilder Entertainment Burt Destruction, un bel gioco per Android


Download RunWilder Entertainment Burt Destruction per Android

Download latest cracked and paid version of RunWilder Entertainment Burt Destruction for Android

Vi propongo un bel gioco per smartphone e tablet Android, molto divertente e coinvolgente.

Ecco un video che vi spiega il funzionamento del gioco meglio di mille parole.

Immaginatelo come una sorta di Super Mario, ma decisamente più dinamico, veloce, animato e divertente. E con una grafica davvero molto bella e attuale.

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AnDPDA has released “RunWilder Entertainment Burt Destruction” for android. Super fun game and very addictive, the visuals are very pleasing, lots of fun powers and costumes to unlock.

Description: Help Burt Destruction and his buddy Bigfoot defeat the forces of Yeti and his seriously twisted henchmen in this exciting new platformer. Do you have the sweet skills and lightning fast reflexes to defeat the insane leprechauns, the McGuillicutty’s, and the giant evil German earthworm, Wormenstein? Collect coins, upgrade your powerups, upgrade your allies, and unlock crazy costumes on your quest to do battle against the pint sized Yeti and his evil minions! Go now, they need you!



  • Killer Cartoon – watch as fully animated cinematics guide you through Burt’s epic adventure.
  • Tons of Twisted Henchmen – Battle Hover Sharks, Robo Sloths, Donkey Manta Rays, Rabies Babies and more!
  • Awesome Platformer Action with simple and intuitive controls
  • Upgrade your character, powerups and allies to unleash even more destruction!
  • Burt is not alone! – Burt’s allies, Bigfoot and Dr. Dodo, swoop in to help in his time of need, causing a little destruction of their own.
  • Insane Worlds – Battle through the various environments of Neverfun Land Abusement park and Wormenstein’s Party Island as you hunt down Yeti!
  • Discover Hidden Artifacts, Complete Missions and fight on the intense Difficulty Modes to earn cred with your friends!
  • Unlock Crazy Costumes – Play as Ninja Burt, Zombie Burt, or Cupid Burt!

Download link:

RunWilder Entertainment Burt Destruction 1 cracked paid version for Android

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