Samsung racconta come è nato il Galaxy S6


Samsung racconta come è nato il Galaxy S6.


Così come ha fatto LG per il suo top di gamma LG G4, anche gli ingegneri Samsung hanno voluto raccontare come è nato il Galaxy S6, prendendo spunto dal passato e migliorandone tutti gli aspetti. Se volete dei chiarimenti su LG G4 sotto trovate il link dedicato:


Attraverso diversi editoriali andremo quindi a vedere come Samsung abbia pensato prima di realizzare il prodotto finale, lo smartphone Samsung che finalmente ha materiali di pregio e che implementa le ultime novità a livello hardware e software, per garantire a tutti i possessori l’esperienza d’uso dei propri sogni.


Water was the inspiration behind the design because of its purity and malleability in color and depth. Like a metal bowl filled to the brim with water, the glass is beautifully wrapped in metal to symbolically represent a dynamic harmony of reliable technology and creative design. – Minhyouk Lee


Of course, not all smartphone users have an expert-level of knowledge of all the features of the camera. However, users want to be able to capture the beautiful moments of their everyday lives with high-quality pictures and videos, even if they don’t have expert knowledge of their phone’s features. The Galaxy S6 allows users to take high quality pictures at any time by simply pressing the shutter, without having to consider any background factors or conditions. – Heung-Sik Jung

Ricarica wireless

I am proud that wireless charging was introduced and believe that it will become an innovation that will benefit users. Although wireless charging technology existed before, we were able to apply the technology to a model and take it a step closer towards commercialization. – Se-Ho Park


We knew how difficult this job would be, and how many roadblocks were out there. The early scepticism concerning the feasibility, and the repeated trial and error finally allowed us to determine the optimal bonding procedure. All the related divisions made it a priority and were fully committed to this project. The matchless Galaxy S6 edge’s appearance was created thanks to such an immense amount of effort. – Jason Choi


Eventually, the speaker was moved to the bottom of the phone and we were able to secure a few extra millimeters, allowing us to reproduce high-quality original sound at a wider range with the high-powered speaker. The result is the one of the most outstanding speakers ever found in a mobile device, one that surpasses the performance of existing micro speakers. – Gunhyuk Yoon


It is a demonstration that often leaves people in awe. A full grown man attempts to break a thin glass plate by bending it with both hands, even stepping on it for extra leverage. He then picks up aluminum brick and slams it with great force on the glass plate. When all is said and done, both the glass and the aluminum remain in immaculate condition. These are the materials we used to make the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.” – Kwangjin Bae


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