XDA Univeristy: 80 Guide per iniziare a Programmare su Android


XDA Univeristy: 80 Guide per iniziare a Programmare su Android

XDA è un Forum dove molti programmatori provetti, Cuochi di ROM personalizzate, sviluppatori di Applicazioni si ritrovano in un unico posto in modo da offrire un supporto completo per moltissimi Smartphone Android, Windows Phone e molti altri Smartphone meno utilizzati come Badae altre piattaforme.

Di recente XDA ha creato una sezione denominata XDA University che permette di riunire tutte le Guide, Tutorial e materiale di vario genere che ci aiuta ad avvicinarci e risolvere problemi inerenti alla programmazione su Android.

Ovviamente il Forum è interamente in Inglese ma ai più non sarà un problema capire gli argomenti poichè sono molto tecnici come ROOT, Custom Recovery, Custom ROM, Firmware e molto altro. In questo articolo andremo a vedere 80 Guide utilissime per iniziare a Moddare o modificare il nostro Android, avvicinarci al mondo della programmazione Android con Video Tutorial, Guide e ovviamente il grandissimo supporto dell’immensa community di XDA pronta ad aiutarti a risolvere qualsiasi problema.

A. Getting Starded

#1.How to Flash a Custom ROM

#2. How to Flash A kernel

#3. How to unbrick your device. (for Xperia devices)

#4. How to Irritate people less by using search on XDA 😛

#5. For app makers, how to make your first app

#6. How to Setup ADB on Windows/Mac

#7. How to Install And Use Android SDK

#8. How to unroot any device

#9. How to Set up and Use the Android SDK

#10. How to overclock your device

B. Porting and Debugging Stuff

#11. Port your own custom ROM

#12. Port ParanoidAndroid Rom to your device{Both ICS and Jb versions}

#13. Port MIUI V4 to your device.

#14. Port AOKP and themed ROMs

#15. Port manufacturer ROM such as Sense, Touchwizz., Xperia etc.

#16. Port sense to non-HTC devices.

#17. How to Port rom from HDPI to MDPI

#18. How to take a logcat if your ROM ain’t functioning well

#19. Setup dsixda’s Android Kitchen

#20. How to Sign your ROM

C. Apps, APK, Resizing and Media Related Stuff

#21. Decompile and recompile APK’s using ApKManager

#22. Decompile and Recompile with apktool

#23. How to make boot animations

#24. Change the default wallpaper when creating a Custom ROM

#25. Add a Touch of 3D to Your Apps

#26. Make your settings.apk Transparent in your own Custom ROM

#27. How to Sign and Zipalign Your APK Files

#28. Easily modify and flash framework-res.apk to add a touch to personalisation in your ROM

#29. How to make and install android bootanimations

#30. A note on the latest Android Studio

D. Developing Compling form Source and Kernel Related Tuts

#31. How to download and compile ICS from source

#32. How to compile Jelly Bean from Source [UBUNTU]

#33. How to build Cm10.1 from source

#34. How to Compile AOSPA from Source

#35. How To Build CWM From Source

#36. How to compile TWRP touch recovery

#37. How to Build a kernel from source

#38. How to Overclock a kernel

#39. How to Add all sorts of features to your kernel

#40. How to add custom bootsplash logo into kernel

F. Moving on to the theming section

#41. Want to learn how to theme?

#42. Jellybean navigation layout for CM7 ROM

#43. Basic Android Theming – Simple APK Modding

#44. Decompiling, theming, and recompiling JB SystemUI.apk

#45. Port Jelly Bean transition animations on any rom and device

#46. How to Centre clock and icon switch.

#47. How to MetaMorph/Theme

#48. Pattern Lock Tweaks – Wallpaper Brightness, Pattern Lock Dots, etc.

#49. How to edit .9.pngs

#50. Tips for themers

G. Some Random things, everything else

#51. How to Implement Swipe to Remove Notification

#52. How to enable on-screen buttons in ICS rom

#53. How to edit build.prop on any Android device

#54. How to use AROMA INSTALLER in any ROM/MOD

#55. How to make a flashable Zip for your Stock ROM

#56. How to add EDT Tweaks support in your odexed ROM/Themes

#57. How to Flash a ROM WITHOUT an SD Card

#58. All about using UOT Kitchen

#59. How to use Tasker- Advanced

#60. How to use Github

#61. Add 3-Way Boot to your Power Menu

#62. Add ICS ‘Recent Apps’ button (or other softkeys) to Status bar

#63. How to add TABS to Settings with swipe gesture

#64. Faking US Play Store without Market Unlocker or *ROOT*

#65. Partiton SD-Card, the proper way

#66. Port SONY Small Apps to Any Device Cm Based Roms

#67. Fix status 6 while flashing ROMs

#68. Fix Status 7 while flashing ROMs

#69. How to Crack android pattern lock!

#70.How to Set File Permission’s

#71. How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

#72. How to add StatusBar Tweaks

#73. Everything you need to know about build.prop. Build prop terminologies

#74.How To Create Your Own Odin Flashable TAR (Samsung Specific)

#75.How To Extract Files from a TAR or TAR.MD5 Odin Package (Samsung S2)

#76.How To Extract Files from a TAR or TAR.MD5 Odin Package (Samsung S3)

#77.How To Extract Files from a TAR or TAR.MD5 Odin Package (Samsung Note 2)

#78.Adding Transparant status bar background and pull-down menu

#79.All about Governors in Kernels

#80.Adding CRT, Airview, 4-way reboot, ink effect, phone, sms..etc


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