App del giorno iOS: Percentify gratis su App Store per poco tempo


App del giorno iOS: PercentifyD gratis su App Store per iOS

Eccoci come sempre ad un nuovo appuntamento con la nostra rubrica per le app in saldo. Si tratta infatti di app o giochi in offerta gratuita per iOS, iPhone ed iPad. Per poche ore, dunque, potrete scaricare gratis app o giochi altrimenti a pagamento. Oggi vi proponiamo in offerta gratuita Percentify, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

Percentify – for the time in your life

Finally, a to-do list app that accurately represents your progress. All done by simply considering how long tasks will take you.

Are you guilty of focusing on the quick tasks on your list? Yes you are, we all are, because we love to see progression. Well now that your lists factor in time, you’ll see more progress from completing the longer tasks. Just watch that % shoot up. Satisfaction, guaranteed*.

How you use Percentify is up to you. At home or at work. From planning your weekend to planning your wedding. Nothing is too big or too small.

PS. This is our first app, so we started small. We want to eventually introduce cloud sync across your devices, input from Siri and a super slick way of inputting time. There’s lots more to come so look out for future updates. And in the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’d like to see.


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