Download driver AMD Catalyst 15.4 Beta per Windows

AMD ha rilasciato i nuovi driver Catalyst 15.4 Beta per i titoli di ultima generazione, GTA V incluso. Così come Nvidia, quindi, anche AMD ha rilasciato nuovi driver in grado di ottimizzare le prestazioni per i nuovi giochi, offrendo nuovi profili Crossfire e risolvendo alcuni problemi segnalati dagli utenti.

Se volete potete scaricare i nuovi pacchetti, compatibili con Windows 7/8/8.1 a 32 e 64 bit dai seguenti link:

In particolare, con i nuovi driver Catalyst 15.4 Beta sono stati introdotte le seguenti novità e corretti i seguenti bug:

Highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 15.4 Beta Windows Driver

New Crossfire Profiles for:

    • Grand Theft Auto V
    • Dying Light*
    • Galactic Civilizations III
    • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
    • Mortal Combat X**
    • Sleeping Dogs : Definitive Edition

Crossfire Profiles updates for:

    • Battlefield Hardline
    • Far Cry 4
    • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    • Sniper Elite 3

Fixed Issues:

    • [416712] Battlefield 4: A memory leak may be experienced on certain AMD Radeon GPU’s
    • [416302] Battlefield Hardline: The game may crash on first launch when in High Performance Mode
    • [416363] Battlefield Hardline: The game may crash on launch on certain AMD graphics products
    • [416667] Far Cry 4: Stuttering may be experienced with custom settings when run in AMD Crossfire mode
    • [416320] Far Cry 4: Screen tearing may be experienced even after enabling vsync

Known Issues:

    • [417392] Far Cry 4 : A game crash may be experienced when switching between windowed and full screen mode
    • [417237] Far Cry 4 : Flickering may be experienced in the in-game cinematics when launched in landscape SLS mode
    • [417374] Youtube : Random block corruption may be experience with simultaneous 1080p video streams
    • [417386] Youtube : Microsoft Internet Explorer may crash if exited while Youtube sessions are ongoing
    • [416109] Battlefield Hardline: Corruption / stutter may be experienced while changing resolution with vsync enabled
    • [417312] Battlefield Hardline: Broken glass may flicker during gameplay
    • [417247] Monitors may switch off when changing orientation from portrait SLS to landscape SLS
    • [417239] Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Zeroes : The game may crash when run at lower resolutions in windowed mode
    • [417242] Sleeping Dogs – Definitive Edition : The game may not run on certain Kaveri platforms when High Performance mode is enabled
    • [414152] A manual installation (via inf) may fail on certain R9 295X2 configurations

*AMD is currently working with Techland to resolve the following issue:

    • [417173] Distant objects may flicker in Dying Light when AA is enabled in AMD Crossfire mode. As a workaround, users may disable AMD Crossfire mode if this issue is impacting their game experience.

** AMD is currently working with NetherRealm Studios to resolve the following issue:

    • [417323] Flickering is sometimes observed on a small number of surfaces in Mortal Combat X when using AMD Crossfire. As a work around, users may disable AMD Crossfire mode if this issue is impacting their game experience.



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