Office Documents Viewer Full Gratis sull’Amazon App-Shop

L’Amazon App-Shop è il Market alternativo al Google Play Store più importante dopo quellop ufficiale di Google. Esso presenta moltissime applicazioni e ogni giorno offre un’applicazione in maniera gratuita che normalmente sarebbe a pagamento.

Mobile Document Viewer (Full)

Oggi è il turno di Office Documents Viewer nella versione Full che di solito ha un costo di 1,49 € ma oggi è gratis grazie alla promozione sull’Amazon App-Shop.

Con Office Documents Viewer potete aprire e visualizzare tutti i documenti Office, anche quelli creati con Office 2010 e 2013 che hanno introdotto il nuovo formato DOCX per World, XLSX per Excel e così via.

Potete aprire in pratica tutti i documenti creati con la Suite Office della Microsoft senza nessun vincolo. Ricordo che potete solo aprili e visualizzarli ma non modificarli.

Descrizione del prodotto presa dall’Amazon App Store and (with limitations) Microsoft Office 2007 document viewing application for Android-based devices. It allows opening office productivity application documents located in the filesystem, e.g. on sd card, as well downloaded documents, files on Dropbox, or documents files attached to an email. It offers zooming in and out of documents, searching inside documents as well as copying text from documents. And it even offers reading text documents (.odt, .sxw, .docx) aloud via the device’s text-to-speech functionality.

The following file formats are currently supported:

  • 2.x and 3.x formats: .odt (Writer), .ods (Calc), .odp (Impress)
  • 1.x formats: .sxw (Writer), .sxc (Calc) (no support for embedded images)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 formats: .docx (Word), .xlsx (Excel), .pptx (Powerpoint)
  • Other formats: .txt (plain text), .csv (comma-separated values)

Please note that some restrictions apply for viewing documents:

  • Displaying the document is done via a conversion to HTML, which is why the document will look differently than if viewed with a desktop office productivity application
  • Large files will take very long to open, or sometimes not open at all
  • When displaying images, only those images will be shown where the image format is supported by the Android browser
  • Password-protected documents cannot be opened

Full version. Internet access permission requires in order to be able to display external images in ODF documents.

If you are smart and you like this app, please rate it. If you are smart and don’t like it, please send me an email to tell me what should be improved. Not so smart people may simply give a bad rating and/or use swear words in the comments and/or complain about missing features the software never promised to have…

Per usufruire dell’offerta dovete installare l’Amazon App-Shop, avviarlo, creare un Account Amazon e loggarsi con le credenziali di accesso:

Downlaod Amazon App-Shop

Successivamente all’installazione e la configurazione dell’Amazon App-Shop potete cliccare sul link seguente o dalla Home Page dell’Amazon App-Shop cliccare sull’offerta presente sulla prima pagina in alto a sinistra per scaricare gratuitamente Office Documents Viewer Full:

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