SketchBook Mobile Gratis sull’Amazon AppStore: Diventa un disegnatore provetto sul tuo smartphone Android

Oggi, grazie al market alternativo di Amazon possiamo ottenere gratuitamente un’utilissima applicazione per Android che ci aiuta a far diventare il nostro smartphone una perfetta tavola da disegno, infatti la migliore applicazione per disegnare grazie al display del telefonino, SketchBook Mobile, oggi viene offerta in modo totalmente gratuito sull’Amazon AppStore per Android.

SketchBook Mobile


Full Screen work space with on demand UI

Pen Only Mode (For devices with Pen input)

  • Pressure sensitivity support
  • Ability to draw only with the pen
  • The canvas will not recognize touch input
  • Touch input will be recognized by all the Tools, Panels, and menus.

Multi-Touch Interface:

  • Two finger pan & zoom navigation with 2500% zoom

Canvas sizes

  • Maximum size is determined by screen resolution
  • 12 available layers


  • Import images from Photo Library
  • Import from Camera
  • Duplicate, Merge and Reorder Layers
  • Move, scale, and rotate layers interactively using Multi-Touch
  • Toggle visibility and adjust Layer Opacity
  • Layer Blend Modes: Multiply, Add, Screen and Normal
  • Preserve Transparency mode to paint only where paint already exists

SketchBook Mobile - screenshot


  • Store and view work-in-progress
  • Export images to your local storage
  • Export as a layered file (PSD)

65 preset brushes, including flood fill

  • Smooth brush stroking
  • Synthetic pressure sensitivity (brush fade-off)
  • Customizable brush settings

Dynamic symmetric drawing


  • Color Wheel with HSB and RBG color space
  • Customizable Color Swatches
  • Copic Color Library

Downlaod SketchBook Mobile Gratis sull’Amazon AppStore cliccando sul seguente pulsante:

Amazon AppStoreSuccessivamente all’installazione e la configurazione dell’Amazon AppStore potete cliccare dalla Home Page dell’Amazon App-Shop e cliccare sull’offerta presente sulla prima pagina in alto a sinistra per scaricare gratuitamente SketchBook Mobile.


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