Download Aquarium Desktop Full 3 Fish Pack, l’acquario come screensaver del tuo PC

Download latest SCREENSAVER and Animated Wallpaper Aquarium Desktop Full 3 Fish Pack

Aquarium Desktop Full 3 Fish Pack | 68.5 Mb

Aquarium Desktop è un bel wallpaper animato per i vostri PC Windows.

Si tratta di uno sfondo animato che vi permette di impostare un acquario in 3D come sfondo del vostro computer quando non lo utilizzate.

Il programma è davvero semplice da usare e molto carino: potete personalizzare lo sfondo, i suoni, gli effetti, il numero e il tipo di pesci da posizionare nel vostro acquario personale.

Si tratta di un programma ben fatto e curato, che riproduce in ogni minimo dettaglio un acquario, con pesci bellissimi e realizzati in 3D.

Un software simpatico e carino, per abbellire il vostro computer mentre voi siete lontani e non lo usate. 


Aquarium Desktop comes with several fish included in the base package. Users can choose which fish to display on their desktop and even have multiple fish of the same breed. As a result, user can have as many or few fish as they want swimming around in a realistic environment. It also comes with a host of different plants that, like the fish, have been rendered from 3D models for very lifelike animation and detail. Aquarium Desktop also comes with multiple wallpapers, aquatic sound effects, and more.

The program is highly configurable. Plants can be re-sized, sound effects can be added or disabled. In addition, Aquarium Desktop is designed to be intelligent in its CPU usage. If the fish are covered (for example when a window is maximized) the rendering goes into idle mode so that the fish don’t slow down your computer. The graphics are also compressed in memory to minimize how much memory it’s using.

•Smoothly animated fish swim across your desktop in a life-like manner.
•Plants gently move to the current of the virtual water.
•Add plants, anchors, debris, and even a treasure chest to your desktop.
•Options to configure type and quantity of fish, shadows, sounds, and more!
•CPU-smart! Will not use CPU if fish are covered (it won’t slow down your system).
•Totally cool looking WindowBlinds skin included!

Running on Windows 7: To work in operating systems, Win Vista, 7 + program to run in compatibility mode for Win XP. To do this:
• click the right mouse button on the labels on the desktop
• Then the menu item “Properties”
• “Compatibility” tab
• Put a checkmark next to “Run program in compatibility mode for:”
• In the list below, select Windows XP
• Save and run

System Requirements:
•Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
•Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
•Windows XP (32-bit only)
•21MB free disc space

Installtion Note:
•Run Setup
•Use Keys For Activetion
•Done and Enjoy:

Download link:

Aquarium Desktop Full 3 Fish Pack SCREENSAVER and Animated Wallpaper

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