Helicon Filter: Programma gratis per applicare spettacolari Effetti alle foto

Helicon Filter è un editor per immagini sia per utenti principianti che avanzati. L’interfaccia del programma è organizzato in modo tale che sia tutto chiaro dal primo sguardo e non richiede un addestramento preliminare – ogni tab contiene tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno per ogni task specifico di editing d’immagini. Tutto l’editing che esegui viene applicato alla copia dell’immagine che viene creata automaticamente, per cui, tutto ciò che fai avrai sempre la tua immagine originale intatta. Helicon Filter offre anche un’utility di stampa profgetata specificatamente per la stampa d’immagini – Helicon Print. Permette anche il geotagging, la condivisione sui social, l’aggiunta di effetti artistici alle tue immagini e molto altro.

Straightening, cropping, and resizing

Auto image straighteningYou can draw a line along an area that should be straight, such as the horizon, for example, and the image will be rotated.
List of predefined proportions for your imageWhen you want to change the proportions of your image, you can choose from a list of predefined proportions (typical for web and for different paper sizes) or you can set your own porportions.
Precise selection positioningYou can set the coordinates of the portion you want to crop, measured in pixels from the left top corner.
Flexible resizing optionsYou can set the number of pixels (or mm, cm, or inches) on the sides of an image or you can resize the image by percent.

Brightness Adjustment

Automatic brightness adjustmentThe program analyzes your image and changes the brightness parameters. You simply choose the degree of correction: conservative, normal, aggresssive, or extreme.
Advanced manual brightness adjustmentFor advanced adjustments you can control many aspects of brightness. For example, you can increase or decrease contrast, exposure, and local contrast, and you can brighten or darken highlights and shadows.
Exposure warningsAs you adjust brightness you can see which areas will become overexposed (shown in red) and underexposed (shown in blue).
Automatic contrast adjustmentThe program analyzes the image and adjusts the contrast. You just choose the degree of adjustment: conservative, normal, aggressive, or extreme.
Manual contrast adjustmentYou can set the “black point” and the “white point” to make the “blacks” more black and the “whites” more white.
Full and gradiental haze removalYou can reduce haziness throughout an entire image or in the top (or bottom) of it only. Typically this is needed for landscape photos where the background is hazy but haze removal for the foreground makes the colors unnaturally bright.

Colors Adjustments

Automatic white balance adjustmentPick the grey or white point on an image and all the colors are adjusted automatically.
Changing the color’s temperatureYou can make the colors warmer or colder by dragging the colors temperature slider.
Full control over white balanceFor full control over the hues in an image, you can drag the RGB sliders or select the desired hue on the color map.
Converting to monochromeYou can convert your image to greyscale or sepia, and you can also choose any color you want and put the image into shades of this color.
Saturation adjustmentYou can increase / decrease saturation of all colors or choose one or more colors to saturate / desaturate.
Brightness adjustment for selected colorsYou can increase / decrease brightness for the selected colors only.

Noise reduction

Automatic noise reductionThe program automatically detects the level of noise and removes it.
Noise reduction for selected colorsYou can choose which color(s) you wish to reduce the noise for. For example, you might want to reduce the noise in the sky but leave it in for the trees, to leave in more detail,.
Advanced noise reductionYou can control several parameters of the noise reduction algorithm, such as the level of chromatic noise.


Sharpening fine detailsMakes an image less fuzzy by detecting and amplifying thin lines and fine details.
Sharpening edgesEmphasizes all the edges by adding halos; you can change the brightness and width of the halo.
Sharpening selected colorsYou can choose to sharpen some colors and leave others alone. For example, you can sharpen everything except the faces (because why would you want to emphasize the wrinkles?).

Lens distortion correction

Barrel distortion correctionThis distortion typically occurs due to a wide-angle lens.
Horizontal / vertical distortionsThese distortions typically occur due to the position of the camera relative to the object of interest.
Correction of vignettingVignetting is an optical problem that results in unnaturally dark corners in the image. It most often appears on wide-angle shots.

Entering Text on photos

Type effectsYou have a choice of: embossed paper effect, highlighted text, shadowed text, adding transparency, and rotating the text.
Special symbols and image metadataYou can easily insert special symbols, such as ‘©,’ and image metadata, such as the date and time when the image was taken or the aperture and camera model.

Picture frames

Solid color frameYou can pick a color from the color palette or select it from the image with the eyedropper. You can also add a shadow effect or gradient transition from the image to the frame, etc.
Gradient color frameThis is the same as a solid color frame, except that you choose two colors for the gradient.
Stretched and mirrored framesFor these two frames, the original image is either mirrored or stretched and blurred. Frames such as these can be very appealing because they use the colors of the original image.
Third-party vector framesWe offer a large number of free vector frames; you can change the colors for most of them.

Fixing Aberrations

Lateral CALateral CA is most often visible in contrasting areas on the sides and in the corners of images. It tends to make the image look as if the red and blue parts have shifted from or towards the center of the image.
Purple fringingThis usually looks like a false purple contour.

Artistic Blur Effects

You can add different bokeh shapes, ranging from a puffy circle to a heart.


Real-time brush previewYou can see the effect of the brush as you move it.
Color sensitivityYou can make the brushes color sensitive, so that you only change areas with a similar color when you retouch an image.
Touch-up toolRemoves scratches, blemishes, etc.
Cloning toolYou can clone part(s) of an image and alter their transparency or you can change only the texture.
Change color brushYou can replace one color with another with different transparency, preserving the original brightness.
Change brightness / saturation brushesYou can change the brightness and saturation in the part(s) of the image you’ve selected.
Blur / sharpen brushYou can blur / sharpen selected parts of the image.
Fix red eyes toolJust point to the “red eye” area to replace it with the appropriate color of your choice—grey, black, or brown.
Distortion brushThis is one of the most useful tools for retouching faces; it lets you correct the shape of teeth, eyes, nose, etc.
Advanced selection toolYou can select areas of the image with a similar color.


View EXIFEXIF information is stored with an image and includes information such as the time and date the photo was taken, resolution, shutter speed, etc.
GeoTaggingYou can save EXIF GPS information by pointing to the place on Panoramio map where the image was taken. If your camera automatically saves GPS data, you can browse for your images on the map.
PrintingThere is a printing utility.
Upload to Picasa, Facebook, and FlickrHelicon WebGate can upload images to the three most popular internet galleries and can store your credentials if you wish. With WebGate you can easily upload to all three galleries simply by switching accounts.
Super speedy web publishingAutomatically convert, resize for the web and upload your images to HeliconSoft’s secure server with just one click. You’ll get a unique URL that you can immediately send to anybody to show them your image.

Solo per oggi, Helicon Filter Stereo 5.5.4 è offerto gratuitamente.

Per usufruire dell’offerta dovete scaricare ed installare il programma cliccando sul link al fondo dell’articolo, dovete scompattate il file .ZIP, quindi avviare il file .EXE appena scaricato e installate il programma seguendo la procedura guidata di Helicon Filter Stereo 5.5.4 una volta completata l’installazione cliccate sul file di testo ReadMe.txt per sapere come ricevere la licenza gratuita in modo da attivare la versione completa di Helicon Filter Stereo 5.5.4.

Potete scaricare Helicon Filter Stereo 5.5.4 gratis cliccando sul seguente pulsante:


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