Hi Slider 1.0.2 Gratis con Licenza: Crea Slideshow e presentazioni di Foto sul vostro sito Web con jQuery [Windows App]


Hi Slider 1.0.2 Gratis con Licenza: Crea Slideshow e presentazioni di Foto sul vostro sito Web con jQuery [Windows App]


Hi Slider è un programma gratis che ti permette di creare uno slideshow fotografico in jQuery. Con il programma Hi Slider hai la possibilità di creare in modo semplice e facile uno slideshow fotografico da inserire nel tuo sito web. Hi Slider include una raccolta di modelli di sideshow e effetti di transizione(3DHorizontal, 3DVertical, Base, blocco, Ruota, Shuffle, Fetta, Catasta e Wipe).

Descrizione Hi Slider:

  • Easy Tool, No Coding & Save Time

    HiSlider makes it easy for anyone to create awesome eye-catching 2D/3D realistic jQuery Slider without any programming skills. Creating image gallery slider has never been so easy, even non-coders can design gorgeous jQuery image slideshow. You just need to “Click to Select”! You can publish a gorgeous slider for your website within minutes!

  • multiple professional templates for JavaScript image slider

    Multiple Fascinating Templates & Skins

    It is easy to customize the appearance of sliders, there are multiple built-in templates for you to help you make attractive image slider quickly, Hi Slider provides you with 6 pre-designed templates and skins: Wonder, Classic, Elastic, Eris Horizontal, Full and List. At the same time, Hi Slider allows you to design your own templates with built-in setting features such as backgrounds color and image, control button, navigation bar, and more… The pre-made and highly configurable skins can give your slider a professional and unique looking.

  • different transition effects

    Fantastic & Awesome Transition Effects

    Hi Slider comes with fancy design and effects. There are many awesome transition effects for you to choose: 3DHorizontal, 3DVertical, Base, Block, Rotate, Shuffle, Slice, Stack and Wipe.  Each effect can be further customised to meet your own needs. And you can also choose different effect for each slide or apply one effect to all slides, or choose Random. Besides, you can set duration and direction for the animations.

  • jQuery image gallery runs on multiple platfroms

    Multiple Platforms: PC, Mac, Tablets & Mobile Phones, PAD

    Powered by jQuery, the created slider can work almost all modern devices: Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and so on. And the created slider is fully responsive, which means it can resize automatically to match your screens. Besides, it can run on different browsers: IE7+, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. In addition, the “Touch Swipe Support” feature allows you to touch and swipe the slider on touch-screen devices. The output HTML5 image slider just works everywhere!

  • Publish HTML slider, WordPress plugin, Joomla module and Drupal module

    Publish to Website, WordPress, Joomla & Drupal

    There are 4 output types for your different use:Basic version (HTML5): Output the slider in HTML form and then you can embed the jQuery image slider to your existing webpage with ease.

    WordPress Plug-in: If you own a blog style website such as WordPress, you can publish the slider as WordPress plugin and insert it to your WordPress.

    Joomla Module: To make your Joomla page more fascinating, you can embed wonderful JavaScript image slideshows to the pages or articles.

    Drupal Module: Publish the jQuery image gallery as Drupal module, and you can install the slider plugin and display it on your Drupal site.

  • Add YouTube and Vimeo videos to the image slideshow

    Images, YouTube Videos & Vimeo Videos

    The most fundamental factor for creating a wonderful image slider lies in the content. Hi Slider will allow you to design the slider jQuery with Images, YouTube Videos and Vimeo Videos. Just make your content cool and ready! What’s more, the output slider loads the slides on demand, which means you don’t need to wait a long time until all slides load completely. Instead, you go to one page, that current page loads.

  • Powerful custom tools to design wonderful photo slideshow

    Flexible Custom Options

    Is your slider unique enough? Hi Slider provides a series of practical custom settings for you to make your slider distinctive: Add ribbon, highlight yourself with customized preloader with your logo and wording. And you can define image slider proportions, background, color, font settings, button icons, thumbnails and so on. All these tools enable you to craft the slider for seamless matching up with your site’s aesthetic design. Ready to rock?

  • Add links, call JavaScript function and pop up lightbox

    Useful Action Types

    Imagine your jQuery slideshow does not only dazzle your visitors with fantastic animated slides, but also triggers different actions: Open URL, Call JavaScript function and Pop up with light box. Can’t view the image completely? No problem, the light box style will present you the whole original image with better view.

Solo per oggi, 8 Settembre 2013, Hi Slider 1.0.2 è offerto gratuitamente.

Per usufruire dell’offerta dovete scaricare ed installare il Software dal Link al fondo dell’articolo, scompattate il file .ZIP scaricato, quindi avviare il file .EXE appena scaricato e installate Hi Slider, una volta completata l’installazione cliccate sul file di testo ReadMe.txt per sapere come ricevere la licenza gratuita per attivare la versione completa di Hi Slider.


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