Teorex Batch Inpaint v2.0 Portable: Rimuovi oggetti dalle foto [Windows App]

BatchInpaint è la versione batch del famoso software Inpaint. Grazie ad esso, potrete rimuovere  watermark, date e altri elementi indesiderati da più foto contemporaneamente.

Come usare BatchInpaint:

  • Aggiungere le immagini
  • Spostare e ridimensionare l’area comprendente l’elemento indesiderato da rimuovere
  • Avviare il processo di rimozione


Step 1: Open images

First of all, load the images you want to process into Batch Inpaint. The easiest way to do this is to specify a folder with photos in the program, however you can also load individual image or images too.Load the images into BatchInpaint

Step 2: Define removal areas

Select an area on the picture that you want to hide or remove. You can also load previously saved mask. Note, the selected area is applied to every image, so you don’t need to define it for each file manually.Define watermark removal area

Step 3: Run processing

Once you run processing, the program asks you whether you want to overwrite existing files, or save modified images under different names. After that, Batch Inpaint will automatically process files one by one and remove the selected object from each picture.

Watermarks and date stamps removed in seconds

Sicuramente un’ottimo programma da avere nel vostro parco applicazioni. Batch Inpaint si differenzia rispetto a Inpaint solo per la capacità, del primo, di rimuovere oggetti da più immagini in automatico.

Download Teorex Batch Inpaint v2.0 Portable


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