Galaxy S4: Lancio in Europa confermato per il 27 Aprile e tanti regali per i primi 100.000 Acquirenti


Galaxy S4: Lancio in Europa confermato per il 27 Aprile e tanti regali per i primi 100.000 Acquirenti

Se come me state aspettando con ansia il nuovo super smartphone Samsung, il Galaxy S4, sappiate che tra 10 giorni esatti Samsung ha confermato che sarà disponibile in tutta Europa, quindi Italia inclusa a partire dal 27 Aprile 2013 con un prezzo di listino pari a 699 € (ovviamente offerte escluse).

Samsung non fallisce un colpo e si fa trovare pronta per il lancio ufficiale del suo Galaxy S4 con il lancio fissato da ben 2 mesi prima e non sbaglia come HTC che con il suo One sta avendo grossi problemi di commercializzazione anche se è stato presentato circa 1 mese prima e quindi rischia di far bruciarsi il vantaggio della presentazione anticipata.

Poi Samsung è sempre attenta ai propri utenti infatti, ai primi 100.000 acquirenti del suo Galaxy S4 saranno regalati tantissimi contenuti distribuiti tra Applicazionie Giochi totalemente gratuiti, a seguire il comunicato che afferma che saranno regalati giochi del calibro di Need for Speed Most Wanted, Michelin Trafic, Restaurant e Travel e molto altro.

EA’s Need For Speed™ Most Wanted: Exclusive Samsung Edition and other content partnerships announced

CHERTSEY, United Kingdom – April 16, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced that the highly anticipated GALAXY S4 will  introduce an exclusive edition of EA’s  bestselling racing title ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’. The game which has been optimised for Samsung will feature in-game Samsung branding and will be available for download from Samsung Games.

“Samsung is committed to delivering the best user experience possible and rich content sits at the heart of our vision. We are delighted to have exclusive branded Samsung content in a triple A game from one of the world’s foremost video game publishers. We have also secured further partnerships that deliver on our promise to open up the world of possibilities to our customers,” said Lee Epting, Vice President of Media Solution Center Europe for Samsung Electronics Europe.

Glenn Roland, Vice President for New Platforms and OEM at EA said, ‘The introduction of Samsung’s GALAXY S4 will bring outstanding mobile gaming experiences to its players. Our ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ offering at launch is one of several EA games specifically optimised for Samsung and will include exclusive content.’

As part of the partnership, Samsung and EA are offering the first 100,000 GALAXY S4 customers across Europe the opportunity to download the app for free via the Samsung Hub.

The partnership with EA is one of a number of agreements with that will deliver content through the Samsung Hub to coincide with the launch of the GALAXY S4 across Europe on 27 April 2013.  Centered on gaming – where Samsung has key partnerships with Gameloft and Glu – books, kids and food, these partnerships demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to delivering the most diverse range of high quality content to customers across Europe.

The ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ Samsung edition is also available to play on Samsung GALAXY Note II.

Samsung is proud to present the ‘Michelin Traffic’ application, which gives users access to real-time traffic information in 11 countries in Europe and provides very detailed coverage including major cities and most motorways.  The partnership also includes ‘Michelin Restaurants’, an app that lets users locate a restaurant in France and Germany with multi-criteria search options such as the Michelin restaurant selection. ‘Michelin Restaurants’ app also lets users upload photos of their visits and even pen their own reviews of the meals.  The partnership between Michelin and Samsung apps will continue in the summer with the launch of the ‘Michelin Travel’, an app that provides recommendations to users about 30,000 tourist attractions across Europe.

Smartphones are a fantastic entertainment portal for parents with young families and to bolster the family oriented content available on Samsung Apps, app developer Goodbeans is bringing ‘Nighty Night’ (available in 8 languages – Italian, Spanish, German, English, French, Russian, Portuguese and Dutch) and ‘Little Fox Music Box’ (available in English and German), exclusively to the hub.  The GALAXY S4’s incredible screen is perfect for enjoying these enchanting and immersive apps that have already gained huge popularity with over three million fans from around the world.

Random House Mondadori
To complement the existing range of Spanish-language books available, Samsung has partnered with Random House Mondadori to bring an additional 3,400 titles for readers to enjoy. These include books from international best-selling authors such as Ken Follett, E.L. James, or Stephen King, as well as Latin American and Spanish authors like Isabel Allende, Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges and Ildefonso Falcones.


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