App del giorno Android: Dawn of Storms disponibile al download gratis sul Play Store


App del giorno Android: Dawn of Storms disponibile al download gratis sul Play Store

Ogni giorno alcune app o giochi vengono resi disponibili al download gratuito sul Play Store per Android, così come accade anche con iOS. Si tratta infatti di offerte a tempo limitato che vi permetteranno di scaricare completamente gratis applicazioni o giochi che altrimenti sarebbero a pagamento.

Se già con Apple trovate un articolo con un’offerta al giorno, ecco che da oggi partiremo con le offerte gratuite anche per quanto riguarda la piattaforma Android. Per la giornata di oggi, l’app o il gioco in offerta gratuita Dawn of Storms, e presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

Dawn of Storms is an online multiplayer game where you fight alongside and againt players all over the world, every player exists on the same server so no more server selection!

🌟 Join an Alliance, fight for control of the Citadels to collect Taxes for your Alliance.
🌟 Fight under the Wolf, Eagle or Serpent banner in the great War to earn massive item rewards.
🌟 Trade, Mail and Chat in real time with the whole world.
🌟 Collect loot, upgrade your Armys weapons and armor.
🌟 Level up your Troops, earn exp while you fight.
🌟 Fight Titans and collect rare items.

When the Storm comes, the Titans come with it.
Enormous creatures, higher than any castle walls, eyes glowing with power.
Kingdoms send armies to destroy them, only the strongest return.
Build your stronghold, train your army and hope to survive the storms.

New updates:
✔️ Awards, gain awards to show your strength.
✔️ Friend codes, earn daily resources.
✔️ Scouting, send your scouts to gather information on enemy Strongholds.
✔️ Citadel upgrades, improve the armor and weapons of Citadel troops.

✔️ Bonuses, activate powerful bonuses to speed up resource production or training speeds.