App del giorno Android: Easy Widget disponibile al download gratis sul Play Store


App del giorno Android: Easy Widget disponibile al download gratis sul Play Store

Ogni giorno alcune app o giochi vengono resi disponibili al download gratuito sul Play Store per Android, così come accade anche con iOS. Si tratta infatti di offerte a tempo limitato che vi permetteranno di scaricare completamente gratis applicazioni o giochi che altrimenti sarebbero a pagamento.

Se già con Apple trovate un articolo con un’offerta al giorno, ecco che da oggi partiremo con le offerte gratuite anche per quanto riguarda la piattaforma Android. Per la giornata di oggi, l’app o il gioco in offerta gratuita Easy Widget, e presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

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it’s a widget and not an application, you find it in the widgets list and not applications list.

« Easy Widget » : brings elegance, effectiveness and simplicity. It is composed of three widgets : Contact, Launcher and Settings. Discreet and practical, it has only a screen icon size but you can all done through a dynamic and stylish circular menu.

– Contact Widget : make access to your favorite (or all) contacts easy and quickly. From the home screen you can directly make call, send sms or email.

– Launcher Widget : makes access to your favorite applications easier and quicker. From the home screen you can directly choose and open your favorite applications.

– Settings Widget : makes a quick access to all your device settings and more :

– 16 toggles (switch) : Wifi, Gps, Bluetooth, Airplane, Autorotate,…

– 3 controls : Brightness, volumes and screen timeout. Each one is a control dialog.

– 40 shortcuts : Accessibility, DateAndTime, Display, Daydream, Nfc, Location, Wifi, Gps… each shortcut directly leads to parameter settings.

– 1 indicator : A stylish battery indicator to discover,..

– 3 tools :

– A full Equalizer. It can also be used with each player that support sound effects like google media player.

– A Screen Flashlight

– A Led Flashlight
In addition, there is two other widgets size :

– 4×1 for settings : a stylish customizable widget in the same style as power control widget.

– 4×2 for contacts : the menu is merged with widget layout, so all actions (call, sms, email,…) are directly available.


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