App del giorno Android: Monas gratis sul Play Store



App del giorno Android: Monas gratis sul Play Store

Ogni giorno alcune app o giochi vengono resi disponibili al download gratuito sul Play Store per Android, così come accade anche con iOS. Si tratta infatti di offerte a tempo limitato che vi permetteranno di scaricare completamente gratis applicazioni o giochi che altrimenti sarebbero a pagamento.

Se già con Apple trovate un articolo con un’offerta al giorno, ecco che da oggi partiremo con le offerte gratuite anche per quanto riguarda la piattaforma Android. Per la giornata di oggi, l’app o il gioco in offerta gratuita Monas, e presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

Really Fast and Simple
Monas is the easiest and the fastest way to manage money. It is really fast in data entry. If you find it can be faster, then please send us an email. This is what we really need in money manager apps.

Data Sync in Real Time
Sync your data over multiple devices in real time. It’s really good if you have multiple devices such as tablet and smartphone or managing family expenses with your partner.

Daily Automatic Backup
Your data will be saved to local daily, and we will never worry about losing our data again. Guess what, it’s FREE (Located in sdcard/monas)

No Ads and Free
Monas for Android will not have ads, and most features are free.

Intuitive Statistics
The reports in statistics are really intuitive and also beautifully designed.

Colorful Categories
Add your categories with thousand of colors.

Budgeting Expenses
Budgeting your expense to keep in touch and save your money. You can sort your budget by status, category, or amount.

Unlimited Possibilities of Recurrence
Add your recurring income or expense in many possibilities, such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, until a date, for a number of times, you name it.

To keep your data safe, we provide lock pattern for free.

Data Management
Never losing your data with backup and restore, also export to CSV and import from CSV
This is the right time to know where your money is going with an awesome and beautiful app, Monas.

If you find yourself short of cash by the end of the month, pay your monthly bills, or you have not put any money towards saving or investments yet, you might start to think where does my money go? With this beautiful money assistant, you can manage your money in the simplest way and straightforward.

This app has been built with goal in mind, to give you the most straightforward and fast personal finance management. You can manage your money in no time.


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