Download Crash It Smash It Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android


Download Crash It Smash It Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android

L’Amazon App Shop è un portale alternativo dove scaricare ed acquistare giochi ed app per Android senza passare però dal classico Play Store, la via ufficiale di Google per quanto riguarda il suo Android. Ogni giorno Amazon regala agli utenti un gioco o un’app che viene resa gratuita al download per 24 ore.

Per quanto riguarda la giornata di oggi voglio segnalarvi che Amazon ha deciso di offrire gratuitamente Crash It Smash It, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

Love to break things? Well we do too! So we made a game where you have to drive your 3D car into as much as possible to destroy a certain number of objects, 3D buildings and cars within a set amount of time. This destruction sim is the ultimate game to get rid of any frustration you have. Levels get progressively more difficult, with you needing to destroy more objects within the time limit each round.

Can you finish all the 8 crazy levels in this Smashing Simulation game?

  • Tons of objects to destroy. Everything other than the trees. Stay green and all that, right?
  • Stunning 3D cartoon graphics with a truly unique feel.
  • Unique game play. Something that has never been done before. It’s every child’s dream. Well certainly ours anyway.


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