Download Speed Muscles MD Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android


Download Speed Muscles MD Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android

L’Amazon App Shop è un portale alternativo dove scaricare ed acquistare giochi ed app per Android senza passare però dal classico Play Store, la via ufficiale di Google per quanto riguarda il suo Android. Ogni giorno Amazon regala agli utenti un gioco o un’app che viene resa gratuita al download per 24 ore.

Per quanto riguarda la giornata di oggi voglio segnalarvi che Amazon ha deciso di offrire gratuitamente Speed Muscles MD, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

Think you know the muscles of your body? How fast can you point to your latissimus, longissimus, or lumbricals? Speed Muscles MD is an addictive game that tests your anatomical knowledge and recall.

During gameplay the screen shows a human body’s musculature system. The name of a muscle appears at the top of the screen and you must touch its location on the body within a set amount of time. Get it correct and you score points; get it wrong, and you get nothing. The correct muscle then lights up to show you the right answer.

This is a must-have app if you are tackling anatomy for high school, college, or medical school–much more captivating than flash cards. The practice mode allows you to cover specific regions without doing all the previous levels.

  • Play in 5 languages: English, French, German/Latin, Italian, and Japanese
  • Contains hundreds of labeled muscles from all the main regions of the body
  • Earn bonus points for precision, speed, and consecutive correct answers


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