Download Whip Swing Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android


Download Whip Swing Gratis da Amazon App Shop per Android

L’Amazon App Shop è un portale alternativo dove scaricare ed acquistare giochi ed app per Android senza passare però dal classico Play Store, la via ufficiale di Google per quanto riguarda il suo Android. Ogni giorno Amazon regala agli utenti un gioco o un’app che viene resa gratuita al download per 24 ore.

Per quanto riguarda la giornata di oggi voglio segnalarvi che Amazon ha deciso di offrire gratuitamente Whip Swing, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

To become the world’s most famous adventurer, pick up your trusty bullwhip and travel as far as you can across a field of spikes by swinging along the ceiling. Once you’ve started, there’s no rest until the game is over.

Your whip is all that keeps you safe from a world of spikes below. You have to use all your skills in order not to fall down, try to do your best! Game play is easy to learn but hard to master. If you hit a gap between the tangled branches you may fall into the spikes below. As you progress in the game, gaps become more frequent and larger, the spikes raise up and you’ll need to avoid geysers and sharp rock pillars!

Whip Swing is perfect for a 5 minute break but beware, it’s hard to stop playing.

Touch anywhere on screen to whip & swing, lift your finger to release the whip.

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