App del giorno iOS: Buffalooh gratis su App Store per poco tempo


Buffalooh gratis sull’App Store per iOS per poco tempo.

Eccoci come sempre ad un nuovo appuntamento con la nostra rubrica per le app in saldo. Si tratta infatti di app o giochi in offerta gratuita per iOS, iPhone ed iPad. Per poche ore, dunque, potrete scaricare gratis app o giochi altrimenti a pagamento. Oggi vi proponiamo in offerta gratuita Buffalooh, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

Welcome to the world of crazy Buffaloohs in this brand spankin’ new puzzle game that will blow your mind away… plus a few Bufaloohs. From the creators of the massively popular “Grooh”, you’re challenged to smash Buffaloohs from behind, the side, or the head – anything to propel them away from the stage. But don’t fret, no Buffaloohs are harmed in the process of this game.

4 Awesome Modes
– Trophy Mode: Snag as many gold medals as possible, and the last Buffalooh on the field is your reward!
– Coin Mode: Test your multitasking skills by removing Buffaloohs AND collecting as many coins as possible – all at once!
– Happy3 Mode: Endeavor to ground the last 3 Buffaloohs on a star field!
– Survival Mode: Compete against the clock to solve as many levels as fast as humanly possible!

– Each mode with 200 levels
– Stunning visuals and beautifully designed
– Leaderboards compare Buffalooh-ers performance
– Outstanding background music and sound


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