App del giorno iOS: Matcha 3 gratis su App Store


App del giorno iOS: Matcha 3 gratis su App Store

Eccoci come sempre ad un nuovo appuntamento con la nostra rubrica per le app in saldo. Si tratta infatti di app o giochi in offerta gratuita per iOS, iPhone ed iPad. Per poche ore, dunque, potrete scaricare gratis app o giochi altrimenti a pagamento. Oggi vi proponiamo in offerta gratuita Matcha 3, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

Matcha RE-INVENTS mobile word processor to fit everything you love in one place:

– Notes: Take notes quickly with automatic time stamp and location.
– To-dos: Show any document as to-do and track its progress.
– Documents: Create any kind of documents from a simple blog post, photo story to manuscript.

Matcha lets you choose how you want to STORE your documents: on iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, local device, or any combination of them.

Here is our unique ingredients:


We invent many cutting-edge interactions to make word processing on mobile phones and tablets a pleasure to use for any kinds of document: Contents cursor, Responsive contents, Pinch to zoom, Swipe to style, Drag & drop, Table editor, Text box grid, etc.

>> Watch the App Preview for demonstration.


A writing space that clear your mind from the clutters of user interface so you can concentrate on the writing.


Why Matcha is great for desktop/laptop replacement?

– Three-pane design with split/full screen mode on either 7.9, 9.7 or 12.9-inch iPad.
– Pinch to quickly show more or less on your screen.
– Show Matcha side by side with other documents on iOS 9.
– Keyboard shortcuts for almost everything from navigating, editing to writing.
– Perform bulk action on your documents.


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