App del giorno iOS: Numbo Jumbo gratis su App Store

Eccoci come sempre ad un nuovo appuntamento con la nostra rubrica per le app in saldo. Si tratta infatti di app o giochi in offerta gratuita per iOS, iPhone ed iPad. Per poche ore, dunque, potrete scaricare gratis app o giochi altrimenti a pagamento. Oggi vi proponiamo in offerta gratuita Numbo Jumbo, che presenta le seguenti caratteristiche:

A beautiful casual puzzle number game that is absolutely FREE.

Connect together numbers that add up into a sum! For example, ‘2 2 4’ adds up to the sum 2 + 2 = 4, ‘1 2 3 6’ adds up to the sum 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Mind boggling amount of possible number sums!

Longer sums become bombs that clear more numbers depending on the length of the sum!

Experience beautiful colorful visuals and thoughtful elegant game design along with calm pleasing game music and audio.

Choose between 4 unique game modes: Timed, Moves, Stack, Infinite

Dominate the leaderboard with your awesome skills and earn loads of achievements, then share and compete with your friends!


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