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Scaricare album Gareth Emery – Drive Refueled. Download album Gareth Emery – Drive Refueled. Disponibile al download il nuovo album Gareth Emery – Drive Refueled.

Drive Refueled: il nuovo album “Gareth Emery – Drive Refueled”


Drive Refueled: ecco il nuovo album di Gareth Emery

Drive Refueled è il nuovo album di Gareth Emery: ecco la tracklist del nuovo disco.

Gareth Emery, also known as GTR, Cupa, Digital Blues, Rue de Gar, and Runaway, is an English DJ and producer with an open-minded and fuss-free approach to spinning and producing several styles of electronic dance music. Known overground since 2002, when his remix of the Shrink’s “Nervous Breakdown” was aired on BBC Radio 1, he made more of a name for himself later in the year with his own “Mistral,” released on his and Alexis Hooper’s Five AM label under the name GTR. The Five AM Sessions (2005) was the first of his several commercial mix albums. He also released the production albums Northern Lights (2010) and Drive (2014) on his own Garuda label. ~ Andy Kellman

Download album Gareth Emery – Drive Refueled. Dove scaricare il nuovo album Gareth Emery – Drive Refueled.

Gareth Emery – Drive Refueled (2015) .mp3 – 320kbps


1. Beautiful Rage (feat. LJ Ayrten) [Alex Sonata Remix]
2. Long Way Home (Cosmic Gate Remix)
3. Firebird (Grum Remix)
4. Million Years (feat. Asia Whiteacre) [James Egbert Remix]
5. Dynamite (feat. Christina Novelli) [Walden Remix]
6. Entrada (BL3R Remix)
7. Javelin (feat. Ben Gold) [Juventa Remix]
8. Soldier (feat. Roxanne Emery) [Luke Bond Remix]
9. Lights & Thunder (feat. Krewella) [Omnia Remix]
10. Eye of the Storm (feat. Gavin Beach) [Craig Connelly Remix]
11. U (feat. Bo Bruce) [Bryan Kearney Remix]
12. Drive: Refueled (Full Continuous Mix)
1. Dynamite (feat. Christina Novelli) [MaRLo Remix]
2. Eye of the Storm (feat. Gavin Beach) [Stadiumx Remix]
3. Eye of the Storm (feat. Gavin Beach) [BL3R Remix]
4. Javelin (feat. Ben Gold) [Carl Nunes Remix]
5. Lights & Thunder (feat. Krewella) [Deorro Remix]
6. Lights & Thunder (feat. Krewella) [R3hab Remix]
7. Lights & Thunder (feat. Krewella) [Darren Styles Remix]
8. U (feat. Bo Bruce) [W&W Remix]
9. U (feat. Bo Bruce) [Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix]
10. U (feat. Bo Bruce) [Coone Remix]

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