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Download Phototheca: Ordinare Foto ed Immagini su Windows

Vorresti mettere ordine tra le tue migliaia di foto? Phototheca è il tool più conveniente per organizzare e strutturare le foto. È molto facile da usare – basta creare e riempire gli eventi, gli album e gli smart album. Con questo programma, puoi taggare i tuoi amici sulle foto, aggiungere parole chiavi e i luoghi, dove sono state scattate le foto e aggiungere il filtro secondo il modello della macchina fotografica e la data. Correggere l’orario errato sulle foto, se l’impostazione della macchina non era corretta al momento dello scatto. Crea la tua propria fototeca raffinata e trasparente, organizzata.


  • Organization Phototheca uses concept of “library” filled with photos and this library has different “sections” to view photos. First — digital photos should be imported into Phototheca, after import process photos are gathered into so called “Events” by default. “Event” is a collection of photos what are connected to each other, for example photos are made during one day or photos are placed in one folder on hard drive. After photos are imported, they can be reorganized into another events, can be tagged with keywords and descriptions, moved into albums and folders. It is possible to create a tree of folders in library and move albums into those folders. Phototheca supports auto-rotation of jpeg images, in case they have proper Exif tag of camera orientation.
  • Keywords Phototheca let’s to attach keywords (or tags) to photos and it supports read and batch write of IPTC metadata to store keywords inside JPEG images. Keywords are written into JPEG files can be read later by any other photo processing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture and Picasa. Search by one or multiple keywords is supported as well.
  • Searching Phototheca has the search bar what is located on toolbox and is accessible in almost all program modes. The search bar can search on file names, event names, album names, folders names, keywords and photo’s descriptions.
  • Smart Albums Smart Album is a custom search query what displays results as an album with photos and constantly updates own content when library’s content is changed. It is possible to create a Smart Album to display images from a particular camera, taken within a defined date range, which didn’t include the keyword “holiday”, say: whatever criteria. And then opening that Smart Album at any time will locate and display whatever matching images there might be.
  • Slideshow and Fullscreen Phototheca can switch to full-screen mode, in this mode it occupies whole screen and hide left panel with library content. Bottom toolbar remains visible and lets to do basic operations with images. Simple slideshow feature is present as well.
  • Calendar and Timeline Phototheca can map photos on calendar (based on photo’s timestamp) and let to change it scale to display one month, one year or all years and let to scroll forth and back in time to see when photos were taken. Another view is Timeline – in this mode is possible to see events or photos are mapped on timeline.
  • Editing Phototheca has limited set of editing capabilities. It can rotate photos and correct wrong time stamps. If photos have wrong timestamp because of wrong time setup on a camera, there is feature to make batch change of timestamp for selected photos.
  • Duplicate detection Phototheca can detect duplicated photos after they are imported, and proper section “Duplicates” appears in Library. In Duplicates section is possible to see where real files are located on hard drives and immediately to open any folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Photo protection It is possible to “protect” photos in Phototheca Library. This feature lets to prevent some photos been seen by accident by another people when application is opened. Selected photos are moved into password protected safe — a zone in a library what can be accesses by password only. Real files are stayed untouched when are moved into a safe, Phototheca does not do any encryption of files on the disk.

Solo per oggi, Phototheca 1.6.0 è offerto gratuitamente.

Per usufruire dell’offerta dovete scaricare ed installare il programma cliccando sul link al fondo dell’articolo, dovete scompattate il file .ZIP, quindi avviare il file .EXE appena scaricato e installate il programma seguendo la procedura guidata di Phototheca 1.6.0 una volta completata l’installazione cliccate sul file di testo ReadMe.txt per sapere come ricevere la licenza gratuita in modo da attivare la versione completa di Phototheca 1.6.0.

Potete scaricare Phototheca 1.6.0 gratis cliccando sul seguente pulsante:


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