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VeraCrypt è un programma multipiattaforma disponibile per Windows e Linux che permette di crittografare file ed interi hard disk in modo gratuito e che riprende lo sviluppo di TrueCrypt, progetto ormai abbandonato. VeraCrypt permette di crittografare tutto il contenuto dell’Hard Disk trasformandolo in un disco virtuale criptato e solo chi conosce la password può accedere ai file contenuti in esso. Supporta diversi tipi di crittografia fino a 2048 Bit in modo da rendere impossibile recuperare i file a chi non è a conoscenza delle chiavi per decriptare il disco. Di seguoto trovate il changelog completo del software.

Chagelog ultima versione

  • All OSs:
    • Implement “Dynamic Mode” by supporting a Personal Iterations Multiplier (PIM). See documentation for more information.
  • Windows:
    • Detect Boot Loader tampering (“Evil Maid” attacks) for system encryption and propose recovery options.
    • Fix buffer overrun issue and other memory related bugs when parsing language XML files.
    • Fix wrongly reported bad sectors by chkdsk caused by a bug in IOCTL_DISK_VERIFY handling.
    • Fix privacy issue caused by configuration and history files being updated whenever VeraCrypt is used (reported by Liran Elharar)
    • Fix system favorites not always mounting after cold start.
    • Solve installer error when updating VeraCrypt on Windows 10.
    • Implement decryption of non-system partition/drive.
    • Include 64-bit exe files in the installer and deploy them on 64-bit machines for better performances.
    • Allow using drive letters A: and B: for mounting volumes
    • Make command line argument parsing more strict and robust (e.g. /lz rejected, must be /l z)
    • Add possibility to show system encryption password in Windows GUI and bootloader
    • Solve “Class Already exists” error that was happening for some users.
    • Solve some menu items and GUI fields not translatable
    • Make volumes correctly report Physical Sector size to Windows.
    • Correctly detect switch user/RDP disconnect operations for autodismount on session locked.
    • Add manual selection of partition when resuming in-place encryption.
    • Add command line option (/cache f) to temporarily cache password during favorites mounting.
    • Add waiting dialog for Auto-Mount Devices operations to avoid freezing GUI.
    • Add extra information to displayed error message in order to help analyze reported issues.
    • Disable menu entry for changing system encryption PRF since it’s not yet implemented.
    • Fix failure to change password when UAC required (inherited from TrueCrypt)
    • Minor fixes and changes (see Git history for more details)
  • Linux:
    • Solve installer issue under KDE when xterm not available
    • Fix warnings on about/LegalNotice dialogs when wxWidgets linked dynamically (N/A for official binary)
    • Support hash names with ‘-‘ in command line (sha-256, sha-512 and ripemd-160)
    • Remove “–current-hash” switch and add “–new-hash” to be more coherent with existing switches.
    • When only keyfile specified in command line, don’t try to mount using empty password.
    • If mounting using empty password is needed, explicitly specify so using: -p “”

Durante la fase di installazione di VeraCrypt potrete selezionare l’opzione di installazione oppure quella di estrarre i file e creare la versione portable di VeraCrypt. Potete scaricare l’ultima versione di VeraCrypt cliccando sul link seguente:

Download VeraCrypt


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