Nokia Belle Refresh è ora disponibile per tutti i Product Code dei telefoni Nokia!



Finalmente disponibile per tutti i dispositivi Nokia update a Nokia Belle Refresh, l’ultima release del classico sistema operativo per smarthpone Nokia!

Ecco che è finalmente disponibile per tutti Nokia Belle Refresh, l’ultimo update del classico sistema operativo per smartphone Nokia!

Ecco il changelog:

  • Web browser is now v8.3.1.4 (was in Belle) and has better HTML5 support
  • More clock widgets (digital clock lookalike)
  • Other useful widgets: Calendar Agenda view, RSS Widget, Bookmark, Music player Medium size, Weather now, Weather forecast, My location, Facebook, Mobile Data Counter
  • Notes widget, for quick access to notes and to create a new one.
  • Facelift (of playback controls) and functionality for Music player (split of Albums and Artists at last, implemented with tabbed interface, plus warnings of hearing loss when listening with headphones at high volume) – v17.1.14 (was 17.0.16 in Belle)
  • Maps Suite 3.9 built-in (for the full firmware image via Nokia Suite)
  • Qt 4.8.0 now built-in
  • (for N8 only) Big Screen now built-in
  • (for N8 only) DLNA play now built-in
  • (for N8 only and only via Nokia Suite full flash) ColorizIt utility built-in
  • Numerous assorted fixes and optimisations, including Flash video support – high bitrate videos and content are now handled fine, without crashes


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